Thursday, January 19, 2012

How to Get anyone You Want in Life - Ordering From "The Universe"

Okay, let's talk about the Universe.

Say you are employed in the purchasing group of a business. You are in your office and what you need for the enterprise is in a storehouse over town. That's okay because you are linked by computer and all that you need to do to get what you need is enter the proper command and send. (Note that there is a inequity in the middle of command and demand.)

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So what happens when you enter the proper command and instead of "send" you hit the back arrow?

How to Get anyone You Want in Life - Ordering From "The Universe"

What if you enter the proper command and then hit delete or any other button than send?
And what happens if you enter the proper command and hit send - but then call to cancel or hold the order?

What about this scenario - send the order, okay - wait, okay send it, oh no, stop - alright, I need this. Uh no... Maybe I don't. What is the storehouse going to do?

If you see where I am am going with this, good for you! If not, the office is You, the computer is your Link To Spirit and the storehouse is the Universe, which is waiting to fill your needs. Anyone we ask for, the Universe sees as an order and seeks to fill it.

What if we ask for something and we result this invite with "I don't deserve this", "I'm not worthy" or "I'm not good enough"? This is the spiritual equivalent of the delete button. The Universe presumes your attention is on what you want - so it provides the same. However if what you want is not what you Think, your order will be shipped with errors. Your order is sent through your thoughts and the Universe reads the order and sends it. This may not be what you desire to manifest in your life if you are sending that you are not worthy, good enough, not deserving. The Universe will hold your order until you're ready.

The Universe reads exactly what you are mental and sends back exactly what you are ready for - no more, no less.

So... What are you thinking?

How to Get anyone You Want in Life - Ordering From "The Universe"

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