Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mohawk In Middlesbrough

Mohawk In Middlesbrough Tube. Duration : 6.53 Mins.

I'm proud to present GoreCartoons first orignal film of 2009, 'Mohawk In Middlesbrough'! In January 2009 I came across a news artical online about a man called Moses Carpenter, who'd passed on in Middlesbrough in the 1880's. Nothing unusal about that but what was unusual was the fact that Moses was of Native American decent, and was in fact traveling around Europe with a few of his tribes-men earning money when he died. After doing more research I became inspired by his story, which is why I decided to make this short film about him. His life, his death, and his final resting place. The music in this film was composed by Tillman Sillescu and is used with permission. Tillman Sillescu holds all rights to the soundtrack. For more videos please visit: www.GoreCartoons.co.uk

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